Engaging our Members and Attenders

At Quarterly Meeting this past First Day, I noticed a clever and colorful bulletin board in the West Grove Friends Meeting fellowship room. It was  designed to be both eye-catching and engaging. A little sleuthing led me to Molly Wood, implementer of the idea, and she explained the purpose behind the board:

 WGFM Bulletin Board West Grove Friends Meeting felt inspired to bring April’s Query: Care for the Meeting Community to “life” through an interactive bulletin board.  With April’s Query focusing on caring we wanted our Meeting Members/Attenders to feel cared about, for you cannot care for others if you do not feel cared for.Since Spring, and more specifically, Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth, we used this as a focus for our questions:

  • What is the Meeting doing well that we want to see more of?
  • What are we not doing that we could do?
  • Is there anything that we are doing that we should stop doing?
  • Do I leave Meeting feeling part of something bigger than myself and in a better frame of mind to care for others?
  • Do I feel that my spiritual life in enriched by being part of West Grove Meeting?

 Notice the color-coded sticky-notes, and the pens at the top of the frame. Everyone was invited to respond to these queries – right then and there. (When I saw it, there were several responses to each question.)

 WGFM Bulletin Board take  In the spirit of caring we added a gift for the taking as part of our board, simply titled “Please Take What You Need” with the following words: Peace, Serenity, Passion, Strength, Beauty, Faith, Laughter, Love, Kindness, Courage and Hope.  Four copies of each word are attached and cut so they can be torn off easily and taken.

Our bulletin board has been well received by Members/Attenders so we will be creating a new interactive bulletin board for May’s Query!



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