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Western Quarterly Meeting supports┬áthe life of the local Quaker communities in our area with resources (click here) with publications (click here) and with grants (click here). When you join a meeting or worship group you also join the larger religious life of the Quarterly Meeting. We hold sessions four times per year (which is why we are called a “Quarterly Meeting”) on a Saturday or Sunday that involve a program for adults and for youth. Programs are usually held in the morning, and we also hold business (click here) after lunch. We host other events you can search for on our events page (click here). We announce and report on the events as well as engage in dialogue on our blog (click here), and recent articles are found below. We support many mailing lists that cater to your specific interests. If you sign up (click here) you only get information you care about. You can also sign up or get in touch with us by clicking on “contact us”, which appears on every page in the upper right hand corner of this website.

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