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By James Kimmel, Jr.

Amy Einhorn Books / Putnam

On-Sale: November 8, 2012




James Kimmel, Jr.

“This powerful debut from lawyer Kimmel explores a myriad of spiritual concepts expressed in various religions. He deftly unveils each new character and cleverly balances the positive and negative aspects of their lives. Building upon the memories of multiple generations, Kimmel has written a stirring spiritual thriller.”

Library Journal, starred review

“In his first novel, Kimmel has created a thrilling and fantastic world, a heady combination of the movie What Dreams May Come, John Grisham’s best work, and Dante’s Divine Comedy. Sometimes dreamily lyrical and sometimes harshly realistic, Kimmel’s authorial voice is undeniably compelling. Raw, tender, and intelligent, The Trial of Fallen Angels is a fascinating glimpse into the judgment of lost souls and recovered memories.”

Booklist, starred review

“In a world seething with anger in search of so-called justice, James Kimmel, Jr., spins a heartbreaking story that delivers a rebuke with courage, intelligence, and elegant prose.”

– Bryan Gruley, author of The Skeleton Box

In his remarkable first novel, James Kimmel, Jr.,starts from a most unusual premise: What would it be like to be a lawyer for souls at the Final Judgment? Inspired by the conflict between his spiritual beliefs and his legal duties in his career as a lawyer, Kimmel has crafted a page-turning story about a woman who must grapple with the true meaning of justice and forgiveness in the afterlife.  THE TRIAL OF FALLEN ANGELS (Amy Einhorn Books / Putnam; Publication Date: November 8, 2012; ISBN: 978-0-399-15969-5; Price: $25.95) is a thought-provoking story accompanied by the intricacies of a legal thriller. It expertly raises spiritual and philosophical questions about crime and punishment, revenge and religion, freedom and responsibility, and the relationship between God and humanity.


Brek Cutler’s journey is at the heart of Kimmel’s riveting tale. The last she knew she was having a normal day – getting a client off on a technicality in her work as a lawyer in central Pennsylvania, and picking up her beautiful baby daughter, Sarah, from daycare. But on the way home, as she stops at a store for milk, everything she has ever known suddenly disappears. Brek finds herself standing on an empty train platform, covered in milk that she soon realizes is actually blood.


I remembered telling my husband I loved him and knowing I did. I remembered picking up my daughter at the end of the day and her squeals of delight when she saw me . . . And then my memories vanished, as if a plug had been pulled.


As Brek attempts to understand what is happening to her, she learns from familiar, yet strangely different people, that she is in a place called Shemaya. Suspecting that she is in some kind of bizarre mental state induced by injury or illness, Brek struggles to make her way back to her former life. But she is soon occupied by an unearthly assignment that employs all of her skills as an attorney, while challenging the most fundamental assumptions she brought to her previous work and life —Brek is called upon to join an elite team of lawyers who will both prosecute and defend souls at the Final Judgment.


With each dramatic trial, Brek moves a step closer to comprehending what has happened to her, and why. Her journey toward a new understanding of justice and forgiveness culminates when she must represent the person directly responsible for her passing from one world to the next. Through a series of stunning revelations, Brek discovers how the choices that she and others made during their lives have led her to this place. But when she suddenly finds herself put on trial, she learns the surprising answer to a supremely important question: Who is the true Final Judge of our fate and our lives?


Foreign rights for THE TRIAL OF FALLEN ANGELS have been sold in eight countries: Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the producer of such major Hollywood films as The Twilight Saga, Marley & Me, and The Devil Wears Prada has been attached to produce a motion picture adaptation.


THE TRIAL OF FALLEN ANGELS wraps intriguing, provocative and philosophical questions within an utterly compelling story. With its fascinating premise, tightly constructed plot, and graceful writing, it will entertain, challenge, and stimulate spirited discussion among readers everywhere.


About the Author:

James Kimmel, Jr., received a doctorate in jurisprudence from the University of Pennsylvania. A former prosecuting attorney and lawyer in private practice, he now focuses on the intersection of law and spirituality, and on helping individuals with mental illness and addictions in the criminal justice system. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, who is also an attorney, and their two children.



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