William Penn Quaker Workcamps

We get lots of flyers, newsletters, and updates from around the world of “Quakerdom” in the Western Quarter office, and I am often astounded at the depth and breadth in the variety of ways Friends put their faith into action. Recently I was reading through the most recent newsletter from William Penn Quaker Workcamps and wondering, “Why didn’t I know about this sooner? Like, when I was in high school??” I may have missed the opportunity, but it got me thinking about my own children, and the other young Friends in our First Day School classes. I remember that upbringing – struggling along with the intricacies of Quakerism, feeling like I “knew” but couldn’t explain my own religion. Certain that it was a faith best put into practice, not words. As an adult the “thinking” and “doing” sides of Quakerism have merged for me, but not without a lot of work on my part.

The newsletter had a William Penn Quote at the top, which speaks to our need to act with integrity as adults, to be good role models for youth, and to be witnesses for hope & change in the world.

“If we would mend the World,
We should mend Ourselves;
and teach our Children to be,
not what they are,
but what they should be.”

The three principles of William Penn Quaker workcamps are listed as: 1) Enhanced Mindfulness, 2) Connectedness to Place, and 3) Having a Positive Impact. ¬†What wonderful principles to help young people connect the “thinking” and the “doing” parts of Quakerism – not only to each other, but also to the “being” part of themselves.

Can you imagine our youth joining in one of these programs? Is there interest among the Quarter?

Take a look at their website, and contact me if you know someone who would be interested.


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